dr. Rosen Patient Hardship fund

 A Childhood and Ovarian cancer network 

Dr. Rosen is being forced out of his office after 38 years. Creating obstacles and hardships on many kids and families! Learn how to help.

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 Bekah's Buddy

Raise Awareness

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A Bekah Buddy is a package of goodies for a child newly diagnosed with cancer! Focuses on easing the child's fear in their forever changed worlds!

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"Mom, We have to tell everyone about it so they will know!" - Bekah

Contact Us for an Adult or Pediatric Cancer Signs and Symptoms Postcard for You to put on your "Fridge" or Give Out to Help Educate and Raise Awareness!

Bekah & Friends Foundation Inc. is a Kansas Nonprofit recognized as an IRS 501(c)3 Charity.  
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 Bekah & Friends Foundation Inc.
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Our Mission:   To  educate  the public with  facts of Childhood and ovarian cancers to help increase knowledge and raise awareness. also, Offering emotional support, education, and assisting families affected by Both cancers in many ways.