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Pictured: brett, 15, Ewings sarcoma warrior. Dr. Rosen and head nurse/wife Kim rosen - Wichita, ks.

Bekah Buddy

A bekah Buddy is a small pack of goodies that is sent to children who have been recently diagnosed with cancer.  They often travel many miles away from home for treatments. our packs include activity or coloring books, hot wheels, socks, lip gloss, sports cards or other small items.  they also help the children maintain a smile in a new scary world...cancer.

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"Mom, We have to tell everyone about it so they will know!" - Bekah

A fund has been started for the families of children currently being treated by dr. Rosen. Many, if not most children will have their care transferred to a new physician in other cities/states. this means parents and family members will miss more work, endure new costs of travel and accommodations. These funds are intended to aid the families as needed.

On the other side, is the psychological impact this will have on the children and families. It means reestablishing a relationship with a new physician, staff and environment. It means more time away from the comforts of home and less time with a parent, sibling and/or furry friends.

This also leaves Wichita without an out-Patient pediatric oncology/Hematology clinic. This is saddening for current and future children who will endure the fight against cancer and other blood disorders.

Sock It, Cancer Club

Our Sock It, Cancer Club is for our Young Adults (Age 17-25) fighting Cancer. The Young Adult warriors tend to get "Lost" in the wave between the young fighters and adult fighters. Once a month young adults, that have requested to be in our club, will receive a card and a pair of Wacky, fun socks- Just to remind them they are not fighting alone! 

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Dr. Rosen Patient Hardship Fund

 A Childhood and Ovarian cancer network 

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