Ribbon Fundraiser

Here is a sample of some of the ribbons we have offered (Will be able to offer the color of the families choice)

 A Childhood and Ovarian cancer network 

"Mom, We have to tell everyone about it so they will know!" - Bekah

If you are a family interested in letting us host a ribbon fundraiser please contact us!!!

Financial strains happen with families affected by Cancer. We want to help! Our ribbon Fundraisers not only help the families financially but also raise awareness against the cancer they are fighting!

How it Works:

We create and sell the 3" Vinyl decal on our store for supporters to buy. The family promotes the sale on their respective pages and the foundation will also promote on all our social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter) and here on this page of our website. A portion of all sales will be given to the families at the end of the fundraiser time frame.