Chris is the lovely face behind the camera at all of our foundation events! Capturing our memories and putting them on film, em I mean disc, so we can share with all of you! We are so happy to have a talented woman like Chris as part of our team

Deedra is vice president of the foundation and has a wide array of duties. She has been friends with Kris for almost 20 years. I remember the day she told me she was pregnant with Bekah and sadly I watched her saying good bye. I am so grateful for a friend like Kris and happy to be a part of this foundation

Donna makes the posts on behalf of the foundation to our  warriors facebook pages showing support after diagnosis, gives encouragement during the battle and remembrance to the families after a child is lot. Donna was Bekahs caretaker when Kris was working when Kris and Bekah lived in Oklahoma. We can't thank Donna enough for doing her part!

Judi, is our treasurer/bookkeeper, she handles all those numbers that most people hate and we are thankful for that! Now, don't let her small size fool you, she is full of spunk and has a huge heart! We are so happy and grateful that she is a part of our team!

Vickie is Bekah's grandma and our relations administrator. She sends out our teal sister packs to the women warriors and Bkeah Buddies to our kid heroes. she also sends out cards for birthdays or just to send a smile or encouragement.

Kris is Bekah's mom, founder and president. The question is not what she does but what doesn't she do. One thing is for sure, her heart and soul goes into the foundation, to raise awareness, to bring smiles and to keep making Bekah's wish a reality!

meet the wonderful People behind the foundation

Everyone working with the foundation are volunteers that use their time for us and the fighters, we are so very thankful for each of them!

Jennifer does an amazing job making all the posts on our sister page Ovarian Cancer Awareness. She works hard for the foundation and we are so happy she is part of the team!

Torilyn is one of bekah's sisters and is an advisor when we need to make major decisions about the foundation. She is also restoring "Bekah's Truck" to help raise awareness.

Julie, is our Director of operations. She volunteers for us from Washington! She is the one that primarily makes the posts on Our Facebook, Bekah and Friends foundation page and on our Twitter page. She also creates the beautiful angel pictures. She manages are volunteers and records information for our bekah buddies and teal sisters. We love having Julie as part of the team and appreciate all she does!