Tonya Ritchey     dx on March 7, 2017

On January 30, I ended up in the ER in alot pain on my left side. They ran a bunch of test, I was there all day. Blood work, CT scan, etc, etc, etc. Well they found a huge mass, the size of a softball, on my left ovary that is causing the pain. So scheduled an appointment with a specialist (oncology). I had surgery Feb. 17th at 12:30pm. To take the left one and leave the right. They ended up taking both ovaries.  Got my test results back today. The doctor said that the ovaries have cancer. It's not aggressive and it didn't spread thru lymph nodes etc. It's a type of ovarian cancer that is slow moving(low grade), the cancer actually will flake off and move thru the body until it attaches itself to another part of the body... so,The lining of my stomach showed cancer cells... My doctor put me on a ""hormone based chemo" which is a drug they use in breast cancer. Anastrozole. Generic equivalent of Arimidex. Side effects; SUCK. The doctor is talking about changing my medicine.

Traci Drake   Earned her wings October 18, 2015
My aunt TayTay, was accepting of everyone regardless of flaws or mistakes. She lived for family and all the kids. She fought very hard and even on her worst days she wanted to be with the kids and family and friends

Brandi Cooper     DX in May of 2007

I had just turned 24 when diagnosed in may of 2007. It started with severe abdominal pain one morning. My mom took me to the doctor and was told possibly UTI or appendicitis. Tried meds for the UTI but was still in severe pain the next day so made the dreaded trip to the ER. I did not have insurance at the time so went to our local County hospital and after waiting in the waiting room for 19 hours I was finally called to the back. Had blood work, urine samples, stool samples, x-rays, and 2 types of ultrasounds and was told they couldn't find anything wrong. Was sent home with meds. The next day I was called back for a CT scan. They found an ovarian cyst. Was admitted to the hospital and within 6 hours was in emergency surgery. They removed a cyst attached to my ovary that was the size of 3 basketballs put together and weighed 28 pounds!. We found out a couple days later that it was cancer. I had 6 months of chemotherapy and a complete hysterectomy in January 2008. No other cancer was found. Before having been diagnosed I didn't even know the signs of ovarian cancer, but after having the diagnosis I realized I had every single one of them. I can't stress enough to please know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. It truly is a silent killer. I was officially pronounced cured on Oct 2 2012!

Lauren Malott     DX on April 28, 2017

Hi there! My name is Lauren Malott and I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer on 4.28.17. I have been having problems with abdominal pain though for over a year and it wasn't until I went to an oncologist that they found the problem. My primary doctor was unsure of what could be wrong, and the hospital diagnosed it as ovarian cysts. I had a hysterectomy on 4.20.2017 and they removed my ovaries and fallopian tubes, I am 23 years old and my dream of having a family came crashing down along with my diagnosis. After biopsies were done it was determined I had stage 3 ovarian cancer, and had another small surgery this time to insert a port a cath, in my chest to make it easier for me to receive chemo. I go to chemo every week once a week and this will continue until September. I would encourage everyone young age or not to listen to their bodies and get tested, the hospital refused to test me for cancer because they said I didn't meet the age criteria. Cancer does not discriminate based on age! I'm remaining optimistic with my new team of oncologists and friends and family behind me, I'm a fighter , and will continue to fight until I'm healthy again! #thisonesafighter #TeamLauren

Kim swearengin     DX on December 27, 2013

Hello. I'm 52. Stage 3c. Diagnosed 12/27/13. Had 36 chemo treatments in 25 months. I had my last chemo on 3/11/16. Today is my 3rd anniversary since i had my first chemo. I have a page on Facebook called Teal Life Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I'm doing well. My last CA-125 was 21 

Pamela melnick       DX August 26, 2016

noticed for a few months that my feet and ankles would swell. I thought it was due to working and being in my feet all day. Then I noticed my stomach getting bigger and I just shrugged it off to gaining weight. But then my stomach for huge and it looked like I was 9 months pregnant. I felt sick for a few days and it got so uncomfortable I finally went to the er. There I got labs drawn and a cat scan with dye and contrast. My labs came back first which showed my hemoglobin was 6, which is critical. So I had to get 2 units of blood while waiting for my scan results. Well the doctor came to my bay and said that I had a extremely large mass stemming from my ovary and upward. From the local hospital I was transferred to lvhn. I was taken on by their gyno oncology and found myself getting a total hysterectomy with my appendix and 6 inches of my colon removed. I spent a week in the hospital and then was sent home to finish recovering. The pain was aweful but I got through it. My first office visit was to remove my staples and then 3 weeks later met with the doctor to talk about my treatment plan. At that appt I found out that my ovarian cancer was stage 3c. I would need 6 rounds of taxol and carboplatin every 21 days. My CA125 level was 897 before surgery, after surgery it came down to 69. Then after my first chemo it was 32 then 12 and now it is 9. My scan before chemo started showed NED. I am going to receive my chemo number 5 in a few days. After my last round I will need bloodwork often and scans every 3 months for the first year then every 6 months for 5 years. I'm thankful for my healthcare team and for the amazing family and friends in my life. If it wasn't for them I would not be where I am today. I will forever be changed by my cancer, I will always worry of reoccurance. I will not let that stop me from living my life and enjoying moments with my family and friends. I just want to tell women out there that they need to pay attention to their bodies and when something doesn't seem right or seems different please get checked. It can save your life.

Teresa Ingram     DX on September 3, 2015

I was diagnosed after a battle with several doctors who told me that I did not have cancer. Finally I was scheduled with a wonderful GYN who found the volleyball size mass in my abdomen. My oncology team was wonderful. Fortunately I was a stage 2 because both ovaries were involved. I had 18 weeks of chemo. I am still cancer free!

Stacey VanAllen-Hommel     DX on March 13,2013

Two time ovarian cancer survivor. First time was march 2013 Second time was August 2, 2016 Currently receiving treatments every three weeks for maintenance.

Betty Draffin    DX in  July 2016

                        Earned angel Wings on FEBRUARY 5TH 2017

My amazing beautiful grandmother Betty Draffin had been sick for over a year and doctors kept trying to say it was her muscles and several other things finally we figured it out but it was to late from the moment we found it everything started going down hill she started chemo I was caring for her 24/7 and my 3 kids it was hard the kids didn't understand all they knew was grandma had cancer and it was really bad [😦] the scans showed it was little dots through her body it came back as a type of ovarian cancer but wasn't sure on why she had it because she had a full hysterectomy in the 70's only thing they could come up with is some left over tissue it had formed on and spread rapidly She was my rock so having to stay strong to help her was extremely hard because I was watching the strongest woman I know slowly slip away by FEBRUARY she barely looked like herself we went to hospital for breathing problems they kept her and said she didn't have long and 2 days later we lost her I lost the person who raised me who was my rock and now I had to be everyone else's rock to help them thru it even tho deep within I was the one who needed the help and still do it's been almost 3 months now and I feel alone my kids keep me going but when they r at school I am weak I don't feel strong anymore I miss her so bad R.i.P. Grandma Betty Draffin 8/19/37-2/5/17  (submitted by Sarah Voyles, granddaughter)

Liz Laur     dx on May 2011

I have Stage 3 Grade C Ovarian Cancer for 5 years. I've had 3 separate round of Chem along with the Hysterectomy and tumor removal. I've had nutropenia among other problems. Currently, I am starting sessions with the new immunotherapy, with the new medicine called Katruda. I have had 2 sessions 3 weeks apart and I do feel better for the most part and my CA-125 #s have went down 3 points after the first session. With God's Blessings, things will continue to go well.

Kristine         DX on February 8,2016

My name is Kristine. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was 34. The cancer was removed with surgery and no other treatment was needed. Approaching 1 year cancer free on February 18.

Caysha Hoyt     dx on June 6, 2013

I was 15 years old when I got diagnosed. I felt fine everyday only problem I had was couldn't tolerate eggs or dairy which we linked back to my mom because she can't have those. Well one night while hanging with friends and being crazy teens I ended up jumping off a billboard with them, the next day I woke up in really bad pain. I played this pain off for two or three days and then finally told mom about it. When we arrived at the ER I first got told I was pregnant and after farther testing they found out I had a hcg producing tumor. A couple days later on moms birthday we found out it was cancer. My world turned upside down when I got diagnosed with dysgerminomia the tumor was 17 inches by 9 inches. It took one of my dreams away from me and that was to be a mom but I'm thankful to be alive. Now I take kids at the hospitals fighting cancer blankets and different gifts!

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Virginia A Vaughn     DX on may 17, 1999

Diagnosed with Stage III-C ovarian cancer at age 43 on May 17 1999. No recurrence - NED.

Natasha Blaisdell     DX on february 13, 2012
 I am a wife and mother to an amazing 5 year old boy. On January 9th 2012, my life was turned upside down. I was in my general surgeons office awaiting the biopsy results certain that at 25 there was no way I could have cancer. I was wrong. The labs and scans presented as ovarian and had spread to my liver and diaphragm giving me a stage 4 diagnosis. It was the most surreal few days. When hearing the news my fiance at the time and I knew our next step was marriage so I could get insurance and the treatment needed. Starting at 6pm on MondayJanuary 9t, by 11:00 on the 11th (less than 48 hrs later) we were married on a cold brisk January day in front of our family and friends. 50 of whom dropped everything to be there for us during such a delicate time. It almost felt like I was watching everything transpire and I had no idea what was happening. Bill and bobs bridal fit me right in for the dress and I walked out with the first one I tried on no changes needed. My fiance and I then went and bought the first rings we tried on because they fit. It almost felt as if this was the way we were suppose to be married. After our wedding I underwent the 13 hour debulking surgery removing many parts as well as placing an ilieostomy bag. Following the surgery I began my journey with chemo. I have done every type of treatment and been able to keep the cancer at bay for almost 5 years. I have always been on one from or another so never been in remission. As long as I am here , keep it coming! I have run into some amazing doctors and then some not so nice ones. Two years ago I was told by an oncologist that I had 6 months left if I got into an immediate clinical trial. That was two days after my sons 4th birthday. I never did a clinical trial and I am planning to celebrate his 6th birthday in three weeks. I was told by another doctor that I needed to be realistic and understand that I was going to loose this fight. I have been told I was too complicated to be accepted as a new patient. No matter what they told me I have always tried to keep a positive attitude and fight with as much of a smile as I can. I try to look at this as like someone with diabetes . Controlling their insulin and diet to maintain the levels they need. I don't want to die but I do know it will happen. Regardless I live my life as best as I can. With my sons first birthday I found a new passion and hobby in baking and creating custom cakes. I have made over 100 the last couple years and slowly growing into a small business. I recently landed our first store booth and dabbling in making party decorations and products. My husband son and I were also fortunate enough to take a few month hiatus and see the lower us all the way to Venice beach CA from Maine. Like I said on January 9th my world was turned upside down. Though it may not be the best hand it's mine and I will make the best of the time I have and the life I fulfill.

Teal Sisters

Caroline Loo-Lew     DX ON February 7, 2017

I have stage 3b. I started chemo last Monday,I will go for 6 months and continue to pray each day. I have 3 sons and the most amazing husband! My hair is suppose to fall out next week, I bought a wig and have head wrap to play with. I am determined . Quitting has never been an option for me. I have a strong support army of friends and family. I am beyond grateful and blessed!

Lona Morgan-Vogt     Earned her wings on February 25 2009
My Mother was the most beautiful woman inside and out. She and my father were together for almost 35 years, and had my brother and myself. She worked as a preschool teacher for many years, and then a year before the diagnosis she became an EEO secretary. The second youngest of six children she knew hardships, and a lot of love. Lona was a daughter, wife, mother, aunt, great-aunt, and friend. When when diagnosed she was given at most with chemotherapy and radiation five years. She fought hard for nine months. Sadly she missed the birth of her first grandchild by ten months. She is always with us in spirit, but we would much rather still have her here. In honor of Lona and all other teal angel's please know your body and the symptoms of this horrific cancer. Your family and friends need you here.

Bekah Mae     Born on March 8, 1998

                    Earned her angel wings on December 12, 2012

Kathy Heck     DX February 13, 2014
I was diagnosed Stage 3C during a radical hysterectomy. Once the diagnosis sunk in, I made the decision to be Brave, Be Strong, and to do whatever it takes to "Live a full & productive" life while battling this disease. Yes, frontline chemo was tough, yes the news of recurrence in March 2016 was Horrible. But through it all, currently back in the chemo world...., I've tried to Smile, Laugh and show the world that you can look good, be active and LIVE with cancer. During my remission, October 2015 until my recurrence March 2016, my husband and I sailed our 40' sailboat from Annapolis MD. To the Bahamas. We had a fabulous time spending 3 glorious months visiting many Bahamian islands. We realize, during the good days and times, to make the most of the time we have. I hope to continue spreading awareness, strength and hope to all cancer patients and there families.

Angie Denney    Dx on April 16, 2o16

                       Earned angel wings on August 16, 2016

My sister, Angie, fought hard for 3 months and 3 days. She was 36 years old. My son was born 5 days after she passed away. I miss her every day. I pray for those going through this and those who have lost loved ones.

Julie Foppe     DX on April26, 2016

I am a single mom of four beautiful children! Two boys and Two girls who are 18,16,15 and 14. I have four darling puppies who I also love with all of my heart!! They are Coton de Tulears. Since diagnosed I have been Fighting like a girl and doing everything in my power to win this battle!! I feel like I have been trying to live like a Rockstar and travel as much as possible and LIVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!

My husband passed away from complications from Lung Cancer surgery in March 2012. By June 2014 I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and underwent a very big surgery to remove all they could from my abdomen. Been on 9 different chemo drugs since then and here in August 2016 my CA125 is 5 times worse than in the beginning and my CT scans are worse also. Not sure what to do from here but keep praying and having faith in God that he will take care of me no matter what! Fight on and stay strong!!

Ingrid Benedict dx with Stage 4 OC on,  june 11, 2011
Proud 5 yr survivor, warrior of Stage 4 OC. Radical surgery, 4.5 months chemo. Still here & grateful everday. Unfortunately diagnosed w breast cancer 4/16/2016 & currently undergoing chemo & 2nd surgery soon. BRCA NEGATIVE !! NO family hx of OC or Breast Ca, Found on routine mammogram. SO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS!!! OC awareness advocate, I wear TEAL every Tuesday at workplace & hand out symptom cards that day to at least 5 people. Awareness of this disease is #1. I enjoy the coast. Live in OR, & WE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL coast. The ocean grounds & energizes my soul, to be grateful everyday.